Back to School: How to crush the new school year

School is here and summer was short.  It seems like just yesterday it was my senior year! Man, I had some good times in high school. I met people who are still in my life today and had experiences I will remember forever. I believe high school is a time where you can grasp the foundation of life. These years will go by fast, believe me. So fast you will wonder “how did I ever make it.” Fortunately for me, I had a great support system and I used my gifts and talents to own high school. I want every kid I meet to do the same. Today’s blog post is dedicated to you freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I have some advice for you below to guarantee your success. Check it out: 



Stay Ahead of the Game


Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is the killer of creativity. Get organized. Write down important dates such as test and quizzes in your phone or planner. Set daily reminders to study, work on projects, and practice your craft. Do your homework and classwork; class participation and homework grades can bump your grade up from a B to an A. If you are Freshmen, don’t goof off. What you do now will follow you to your Senior year. Upperclassman, if you had some tough years, make this year your best. Stay motivated and befriend those who have similar goals as you.


Get off your phone


Interact with people in real life. I love social media, but social media kills personal communication. Young adult life is about networking and making connections. If you use social media, work it to your advantage, promote your skills/talents and promote your brand.


Be everywhere 


When I was in high school, I was in Key and HOSA club, dance, I played tennis, swam, ran track, was the athletic trainer for the football team, took a college course and I was voted homecoming queen! I know I did a lot, but I was everywhere. How do you think I became homecoming queen? I was sociable and personable. I diversified my network and was able to land an internship I was heavily considering at the time. If it wasn’t for me beefing up my network, I would have missed out on many scholarship and career opportunities. That reminds me, attend a career fair.


Connect with your teachers


I know not all high school teachers are cool, some can be boring. You might have a few teachers that will give you a hard time. Don’t fret. They are probably giving you a hard time because they are trying to teach you something! Consider this, the person you meet now may help you in your future. You never know when a teacher’s recommendation will come in handy for a college application or future jobs and internships.  


Try it out


I know career professionals who are looking to hire people for work, but they can’t! The problem is many teens and young adults don’t know that some industries even exist. Research, research, research. You never know what activities you’d be good: attend job and career fairs, talk with your counselor, join clubs you never heard of. It might open up a new world for you.


Have Fun


It seems these days high school comes with so much pressure: it is getting harder to be accepted into colleges, a 4.0 doesn’t mean you are brilliant anymore, and somehow you have to do so much stuff and have a social life. I am all about organization and setting goals, but I am also about kicking back and having fun. Make your years memorable and remember—be yourself.


Don’t let your grades slip


I grew up in a household where “A’s are average, B’s are below average, and C’s are unacceptable.”

My parent’s expectations became my expectations. I understand some subjects are harder for some than others. Keep in mind, half the battle (with good grades) is participating in class and not sleeping! Get involved. Let the teacher know you are interested. Attend study groups if you need peer support. During teacher’s hours, ask for help. Sign up for tutoring and if all else fails check out YouTube. You have the internet, use it.




Your local businesses need volunteers and interns. You are at the perfect age to take advantage and boost those college apps!  Volunteer at the YMCA or an animal shelter. I encourage you to apply and volunteer for local companies and businesses. You never know, you could find something that you are interested in and it could turn into a job! FACTS is always looking :)


I wish you the best for the new school year!

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