Let’s have a snack: 8 snacks that are cheap and healthy

Everyone loves a snack; I know I do. I snack all the time especially when I’m busy with FACTS or when I’m hanging with the fam. When hunger strikes, it is easy to grab something greasy and unhealthy. Temptation is real, you want something quick and easy and something good and tasty. Luckily, there are snack options that don’t sacrifice flavor for health and are easier on your pockets! Below are 8 snacks that are healthy, easy to make, and cheap!


Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

Bananas and peanut butter are dirt cheap! They also pair very well together. Try them on toast, and they are a knock out! To kick up the yum, try a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of brown sugar for a final touch.


avo toast.jpg

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is another yummy toast variation. Financial experts say avocado toast is causing millennials to break the bank, but who says you have to buy it! You can make it easily!


-          1 slice of whole-grain bread toasted

-          1 tablespoon of mash avocado

-          1 dash of koshers salt of pink salt

-          1 dash of red pepper flakes *optional*


1.       Spread mashed avocado on toast

2.       Then sprinkle with salt

3.       Pair with a nice glass of OJ



Fruit Smoothies

I love smoothies! But Juice shop smoothies can be a hefty penny. The good news is with a few ingredients you can make smoothies at home! All you need is fresh fruit, veggies (if you like), and a blender. To add more health benefits, add chia/flax seeds, protein powder, and/or nuts.


Yummy Fruit smoothie-

-1 Frozen banana

- ½ cup of strawberries

-1 tablespoon of maple syrup/ or sweetener

- ½ cup of almond milk



1.       Blend frozen banana and ice

2.       Then blend everything else together.


Veggies & Humus

You might think veggies and hummus are “rabbit” food. But this snack is a powerful boost of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Not only is it healthy it is quick and easy to prepare! My favorite veggies to dip in hummus are baby carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli florets. My go to brand and flavor is Hope’s garlic and black pepper hummus, so yum!



Skinny Pop Popcorn

Popcorn may not be the healthiest food on the planet, but it sure tames my taste for potato chips and Chick-fil-A’s French fries. Skinny pop popcorn because it is tasty, low in calorie, and low in salt. Skinny Pop has so many delectable flavors! It is hard to just pick one!


Kind Bars

Did you know in 2018, Consumer Reports rated Kind Bars as the healthiest protein bars on the market (https://www.consumerreports.org/snack-bars/best-energy-bars-review-crunchy-chewy-tasty-healthy/)! That is right. Kind bars are made of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Kind products also have vegan (https://www.kindsnacks.com/ways-to-snack/by-benefit/vegan/)  options! Which makes me so happy. I even pass these out at Facts Camps!

dark chocolate.jpg

Dark Chocolate

As long as you don’t indulge too much, dark chocolate can provide a number of antioxidants. Make sure the chocolate contains at least 70 percent of cocoa before you begin munching. If Dark Chocolate is too bitter for your taste buds, try adding small pieces to trail mix, muffins, or nuts!





I love Granola and thankfully granola can be cheap to buy and easy to make! Some Granola can be expensive but I it is cheap to make! Below is a link to tested granola recipe! It is amazing and forgiving. Try it out and let me know what you think!



Jasmine Brown