Entrepreneur code: How to create the perfect to do list

I have a lot I have to do in a day. I wake up early in the morning, consider everything I’m grateful for and meditate. I check in with FACTS: set up meetings, look over documents, and send out emails. I go to work and some days I coach swim. I also have to stay prepared for upcoming modeling shows, shoots, and events. In the middle of all that, I still find time to socialize with friends and make time for my family.

It can be hard keeping up with everything, but I get things done. The most successful people I know have a schedule and stick to it. A lot of people say they are busy but busy doesn’t necessarily mean effective. If you want to be more effective and get things done, write and follow a to do list. Below I have some tips on how to create and follow the perfect one.

Write a list!

First thing first, write it down! Don’t keep mental notes, you have to put your tasks on paper. If you put things on paper you are more likely to remember them. If you aren’t a pen-and-paper type of person, use your phone. Check to see if your cell phone has a notepad or a helpful app you can download from the App Store.

Tailor your list to your needs

The list you write doesn’t have to be set in stone. Life happens fast and things change. If you ever need to change your to-do list. Do it. Depending on the day, my list can be shorter or longer! For some people I know, their list for the day can consist of 5 things and for others, more than 20.

Consider the MIT’s

Say it with me kids, “Busy does not mean effective.” You can be busy and still get nothing done. I have been there and done that. Thankfully, I found a way to slice through the nonsense. Start with the MIT's (most important task) first.

Stay Motivated

The point of a to do list is to get stuff done. Complete the list. When I finish all my tasks for the day, I treat myself or indulge in something I like. Rewarding myself keeps me motivated and keeps me going.

What is your intention?

Everything I do serves a purpose. As an entrepreneur, I have to stay on code (organize and focused). There is reason why I wake up early, mediate, and check my to-do list. As my business grows the more important the way I choose to spend my time will be. I have to be ahead of the game. Writing a to do list sets my tone for the day. And with daily practice, writing to do list will help set the tone for your success.

What should my to do list include?

To do lists come in all different shapes and sizes. Your list is for you. It can include anything you want. For example, loved one’s birthdays, doctor appointments, meetings, and deadlines. Sometimes I even include grocery items, shopping, even planned self-care and breaks. It is your to do list so make it work for you.


“Successful people are highly motivated and organized people,” - Jasmine Brown.