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After graduating from college, life punched me in the stomach. Literally. College and High school prepared me for the real world, so I thought. I was frustrated with my money. I found myself swimming in student loan debt in the mist of starting my own businesses. I was lucky to come from a family who preached independence and ownership. At an early age, my dad taught me basic money fundamentals; I thought I was set. My generation went into adulthood with our heads high ready to take on the world not knowing what the real world had in store.  

Many of us millennials found it hard to follow our dreams after college. We had no idea things would be so hard. My generation burst on the scene demanding social equality, better paying jobs, and mental health days. We were trailblazers. Looking back, we were also an entitled bunch. We put in hard work though! We went and graduated from college. We even shot for our masters and now we want what is due. But, we forgot one thing; school is not the real world. SMH. We are facing massive student loan and credit card debt. The job market isn’t like it was and the price of living is sky rocketing. We were relying on outdated information to get us through life. Thankfully, you have better resources and more knowledge than any generation before.

You are the kids that can learn from the previous generations’ mistakes. I have learned so much valuable information that I wished I learned before I got my diploma. If only I knew this and if only I knew that, I could have avoided so many pitfalls. Credit Card debt would be the least of my worries! I want to teach you all what I have learned to prevent you from making the same mistakes! What did I learn? You need to understand how money works. Cash rules and it is not only about making money. It is about understanding money management. Before you become an entrepreneur, before you get to college, and before you graduate high school, you need to understand how money works. To make it and succeed in the real world you need to be financially literate. This is why I created FACTS and this is why I created this blog. Take advantage!

        -  Jasmine Brown.