Guest Post: How to use social media to help grow your brand

Social media is the number one communication tool for you and your business. In fact, 86% of people use social media daily and 72% use it multiple times during the day. Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms have made it possible for people to connect and stay up to date with current events. People use social media to stay connected with friends, families, and colleagues. People also use social media to build their business and personal brands.

In my profession, I help my clients better understand social media and how it can help their business. When social media is used correctly, it is a great marketing tool. Check out my top reasons why you should be using social media to grow your brand.


It is Inexpensive

There are little to no cost to reach consumers and potential customers. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are free to use and free to post. You can spend $0.00 to engage with your community. Also, you can use Instagram for your business account. Disclaimer, you may have to pay for Instagram ads.


You can reach the masses

If your post goes viral or you have built a large following you can reach a mass number of people which saves you money and time. You can also post specifically to reach your target audience. This a great way to get feedback on your product, services, and or your ideas. The best thing about social media is you can turn strangers into friends and into business partners and clients.


Use it to build your audience

Social media marketing allows you to strategically connect with different consumers based on platforms that you and your brand are active on. Instead of posting content without directions, you can reach your specific market and work to drive people back to your brand our website.


Make sure to know your audience aka target market

Know who your target market is. Create a list of your audience’s demographic and their values. The list should include information such as gender, age, location, interests, brands they follow, hobbies, etc. Use this list to create post and content that keeps them engaged. Higher engagement means higher conversion rates for your audience and followers to become buyers. The more relevant this traffic is, the more likely your conversion rates will boost.


Don’t just post, be active.

As people and consumers interact with you by commenting on your posts, it's always best to reciprocate their interaction and interact back. Comment on their post and thank them for their support. You want your supporters to know that you care. In a nutshell, always stay connected and engaged with your community.

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