How to reduce stress and ease your mind.

Every now and again, I get out of whack, stressed, and frustrated. I have so much to do in such little time it can be overwhelming. Around this time of year, my work load is increasing, and my usual stress relievers aren’t doing the trick. 

For me, stress feels like a big bag of angst or a whopping headache and when I am stressed my work isn’t my best. Somedays, it literally feels like the timer has been set without me knowing and it is going off in minutes! When you are stressed, you are working backwards. Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your health.

Luckily, I have learned how to reduce stress with a few tricks. I know many of my readers are in high school and or are in college and exams (stressful times) are coming. I want to give you some tips to help reduce your stress and get your mind focused.



This might sound like a cliché, but mediation really works. You don’t have to be an expert you just have to start. I tend to mediate in the morning when it is quiet and distractions are minimal. I would say start out with 2-3 minutes a day. Find a comfortable spot in your house, room, or car. Yes you can meditate in your car, I have friends who do it!

You can listen to soft relaxing music or meditation guides on Spotify or Apple music to help. Nowadays it’s not hard to find musical playlists and podcasts that can inspire and teach you how to meditate. 


Go without your Social Media for a week or weekend

This can be extremely tough to do! If you don’t have social media, try to stay off your phone! You never know how much downtime you actually have. Sometimes you feel like 24hours in a day is not enough, but it might be your phone eating the hours away! You can spend hours scrolling on IG or surfing Youtube. Why not do something productive, like start a new hobby, exercise, try new foods, read a book, or maybe even write one! I personally enjoy being out in nature when I’m taking a break from social media, so I’ll go for a hike or sit by the pool, weather permitting.

If social media is how you market your business or side hustle, think of ways to brand yourself without using social media! Just think of what people used to do before there was social media to have profitable businesses.


Writing in a diary may seem lame, but it can sharpen your focus. You don’t have to start off your journal with Dear Diary. Use your journal to feed your ego: write all the positive things that have happened to you in a day or week, write down positive thoughts you have about yourself or your experiences to combat negative thinking. Write down goals you want to accomplish before the year is over or write down goals for the new year, draft any ideas you have for something incredible like fashion/web design, books and screenplays, or inventions. Use your journal to keep all the new phrases or words you have learned. Trust me, journaling will open up your creative mind.


Take a Break

Take a break. No, literally, take a break from everyone. When you are stressed to the max, spend a few hours alone. If you can’t be completely alone, take a nap. Sometimes stress can make you physically tired or it can prevent you from sleeping! As a teenager, you must get your sleep. Your brain and your body are still growing. Don’t miss out on the sleep.

Unplug from your phone, family, and friends and spend some time with yourself by taking a long walk in the park or spend your time at a movie. 


Find an affirmation and use it everyday

I love affirmations and I do believe in the Law of Attraction. When you speak positive words over yourself and say positive things to the Universe the Universe will bless you. Try this one:

“Even when my life gets, hectic I can still accomplish my goals.”

Say this to yourself every day. Write it down. Write it in your journal. Whatever you do, don’t forget you can.

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