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Our Mission

Mission: Our Mission at FACTS for Youth is to instill financial knowledge, healthy habits and post-high school preparation to achieve success all while keeping a sound and physical health state. Through basic money management, healthy development, and college and career exploration we are building our youth and adding value to the community.

What We Do

FACTS provides high school students training and services on topics today for success in the future. This service includes the use of recruited volunteers and local high schools and city parks to run Saturday camps throughout the school year and summer camps held June- August. The camps are implemented to demonstrate financial literacy while implementing healthy routines and preparing for life after high school. The specific objectives and purpose of this organization are:

-Provide a financial literacy enrichment program in underserved counties in North Carolina.

-Promote healthy development in today’s youth.

-Support post-high school plans through career exploration, interview training, and college application assistance.

-Provide opportunities for financial counseling to students and their families.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Brown grew up in Holly Springs, NC and is the oldest of 5. Coming from a very competitive family she’s always been around sports and has a love for football, swimming and dance. She received a bachelors degree from North Carolina State in business administration, concentration in finance and minor in accounting.

Jasmine is a successful entrepreneur, model, and role model. Owning a business, walking in NYFW, Coach of the Year and being a staple in her community are just a few of her many accomplishments.

Now Jasmine is focusing on FACTS in hopes of teaching financial literacy to local high school students. Jasmine started FACTS for Youth to be the first step toward success amongst teens financially and in all other aspects. She has 10 years of coaching experience, and is above all else, PASSIONATE. Through early learning, Jasmine wants to prevent students from going into debt and having other financial setbacks.